Andrew Stoeckley

Andrew is a composer, filmmaker and software developer. His music has been performed and recorded by the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Indiana University Concert Orchestra, and has premiered at Lincoln Center and in television programs for HBO and Bravo. His short films have screened at American film festivals and appeared on television in several regions of the United States.

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Orchestral Sketches


Short Films by Andrew


Thank You For Not Smoking

This short film participated well in the 2004 Project Greenlight Directing Competition (HBO/Bravo/Miramax). Its selection from 2,000 submissions placed Andrew as one of the Top 50 directors in the contest, nationwide. Other competition tasks included screenplay analysis and an autobiographical film commission. The flick has also screened in over a dozen film festivals and appeared on three television networks.

Andrew filmed this 2-minute short in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on a Canon Scoopic using 16mm reversal black/white stock. All effects are in-camera. It stars Charlotta Mohlin.

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Music Video, violin

In 2004 the extraordinary virtuoso Sharon Roffman asked Andrew to make a music video. This exciting performer chose the particularly frantic and challenging Scherzo Caprice Op. 6 by Fritz Kreisler. Challenging to play, and challenging to film and edit!

This was captured during a day-long shoot in New Jersey using Kodak 16mm reversal film.

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Klara and Michelle

Along with the short Thank You For Not Smoking, this scene from a 2002 12-minute short finished as a finalist in the 2004 Project Greenlight Directing Competition. It was filmed in New York’s Greenwich Village (the West side) on 16mm color negative and screened at several festivals. It also features an original score.

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